The Coronavirus Collection

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Okay, so COVID-19 is no laughing matter, I get this and sometimes when we poke fun at things like this it’s from a place of ignorance or fear. When I first posted this collection of Coronavirus comedy we didn’t really know much about the disease.

The videos and bits listed below are chronological. The most recent posts are on top. You can almost hear the difference in attitude as the disease spread across the world and our country.

As of Tuesday, November 10th, Nevada’s governor, Steve Sisolak issued a “stay at home” directive. There’s no teeth in it, just a simple recommendation to spend the next two weeks at home as much as possible.

The basic health measures still apply. Socially distance, wear a mask, wash your hands, cough into your elbow and don’t leave the house if you are feeling ill.

That all being said…laugh a little, after all it is the best medicine. (Although completely ineffective against COVID-19.)

Trumpa Lumpa

No Mask Airways

I Just Want Normal

Mask Guy

Phase 2

No Buffets

Wear a Mask

Terrible Tonight


We’re Unincorporated Clark County (And We Have Good Sense)

Georgia’s Grand Re-Opening

Stay the F*** at Home


Peter Quarantail


Jesus, Now with Curbside To Go

Don’t Ya Know (Kokomo parody)

A Message from the NBA

Six Feet Apart


Tom Hanks

I Touch My Face (I Touch Myself parody)

Decision 2020: What to Wipe With?

Coronavirus…Stay Calm

A Message from the CDC

A Message from the CDC

Corona Beer…Not Virus

Corona Beer…Not Virus