Na Na November

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November, typically, is pretty decent, right? I mean you’re coming off the sugar high that is Halloween. You’re officially getting into Christmas mode and you have America’s Cheat Day – Thanksgiving – toward the end.

What happened in October, set to music.

But November 2023, I don’t know. The war in Gaza continued. However, a truce did take hold to end the month.

We had nearly every member of the Trump family testify in court. Donald had his on again, off again gag order reinstated.

A number of celebrities were accused of inappropriateness; including an NBA player, hockey player, Diddy, and Jamie Foxx. Comedian Tiffany Haddish got a DUI.

We had Grammy noms, new music from The Beatles, Hall suing Oates and a 77-year-old Dolly Parton getting her kicks in a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader outfit. The Texas Rangers even won their first World Series. No one cared.

What Does a Kid REALLY Think About Thanksgiving?

Here are a few of the highlights of the month that was – “Na Na November.”


SZA with nine Grammy noms. The Trumps all testify
Daylight Savings back again no one can explain why

Elon Musk re-tweeting costing him advertising
To Derrick Chauvin in prison a Happy Shanksgiving

Na, Na, Na, November we kiss it goodbye
Like Tiffany Haddish’s license to drive

That curly-headed crypto bro will spend life in a cell
Diddy allegedly can’t keep his Diddy to himself  

Shakira’s Spanish tax fraud case, she finally settled it
Apparently her hips don’t lie, but her accountant did

Na, Na, Na November’s that’s a rap
Hall is suing Oates, I can’t go for that

Na Na, Na November is fini
But the Beatles won’t let it be

If Dolly as a cowgirl, make you think, she looks thirsty
Then pour me a double of that aged Tennessee Whiskey

Na, Na, Na November, it’s been fun
Our president just turned 151.
Na, Na November