Classic Phone Scams – Flock You!

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I’ll be honest, this one is a bit brutal and probably won’t get you in the Christmas spirit. A classic phone scam titled “Flock You!” My buddy and co-conspirator, Lauren Michaels called a tree farm with some different ideas about flocking – the covering a tree with a fake snow looking substance.

See my Beasties remix of “Sabotage” titled “Santa Claus.”

To flock or not to flock is the question posed on this phone scam. I prefer a Christmas tree that looks like it could be in a snowy meadow. I’m a flocker. My father was a flocker. My father’s father was a flocker. Lauren, on the other hand, an anti-flockite.

RIP Andrew Squiggman – Hear “Gettin’ Squiggy Wit It.”

We did over 400 Phone Scams back in the day. I try and post one every once in a while. Check out some other Classic Phone Scams here. Im the meantime, enjoy “Flock You!”