Song of the Week: Santa Claus

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We all know the story of old St. Nick, aka Kris Kringle, aka Father Christmas, aka, the dude that never got me anything I asked for, aka Santa Claus. As the story goes, he travels around the world in one night, breaks into houses, sips some milk, nips at a cookie and, for the trouble, leaves you a couple of brightly decorated packages ‘neath the tree. It is the subject of my Song of the Week.

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Dude’s been running the same Christmas Eve routine for about 1,800 years. In addition to all that I’ve listed above, he also is a mind reader, if not omnipotent. (I’ve always felt that the “he sees you when you’re sleeping” part is a little creepy. Old dude who hangs out with elves, miniature human beings of sorts, and his in his spare time, watches children sleep. That’s is ooky.)

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Regardless, this is his season. Christmas belongs to Santa. While there have been numerous songs written about the man, I don’t believe there is one quite like this.

With apologies to The Beastie Boys, both living and dead, I present a parody of their legendary track, “Sabotage.” It’s my Song of the Week for Friday, December 4, 2020.