Song of the Week: F U, 2020, It’s Done

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It is the final Song of the Week of 2020. And, frankly, I don’t think there can be any other choice then this song. Take a deep breath, stretch your arms outward, extend both middle fingers and scream, “F U, 2020, It’s Done.”

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Bono has stated that, “Nothing changes on New Years Day.” I understand that might be the case, however, we must have faith that 2021 will be better than its predecessor. So, let’s cleanse ourselves of 2020’s bad juju. Release the negative energy and welcome January first into our hearts and souls.

This is the third incarnation of this song. The original version was recorded in June. You remember June, when it seemed that, while the year was shit, it might turn around. Well, it didn’t. The second version was recorded in September. It was genuinely shocking to see how many bad things happened to the world in a small three month stretch.

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Now, we approach the end of the year. While a vaccine is slowing making its rounds, Covid-19 is worse now than ever. Reports are that the virus has mutated and there’s a new strain. Mask fights still abound and the election, which we thought would be done back in November, still drags on. (Yes, it’s done but someone is being a sore loser.

My final song of the year salutes the shittiest year on record was recorded on New Years Eve, Thursday, December 31, 2020. Song of the Week: F U, 2020, It’s Done.

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