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The Biggest Lie Told About You – Following claims that Meghan Markle bullied staff, the Duchess accused the royal family of “perpetuating falsehoods.” Now, of course, we don’t know who’s lying. Meghan has a slight advantage in the media category. Her interview with Oprah is going to find a sympathetic ear. That’s not to say the royal family is disadvantaged. I just think, in this case, Meghan & Harry, right or wrong, have the media on their side.

That being said, what lie was perpetuated by someone about you? Did it have some measure of truth? Who promoted the lie and why do you think they did it?

I’ll be honest, I’ve never liked Meghan Markle. It’s not easy to say that because immediately someone will accuse you of sexism or racism. She just rubs me the wrong way. Who do you not like? Everyone else thinks they’re amazing but you’re not buying it.

Dog Poop Shaming – I’m part of my neighborhood’s Facebook group. It typically has two kinds of posts. There are people trying to sell stuff. They don’t use Facebook Marketplace. They post a pic of what they’re selling with the price. The other is random bitching about everything from a neighbor’s late night party to too many cars on the street. The latest, however, are home security or Ring video of neighbors allowing their dog to defecate on the sidewalk and the dog’s owner not cleaning it up.

I’ll be honest, I do find this to be just the laziest thing ever. And my neighborhood, there are tons of poopie bag stations. I don’t even mind if your dog leaves his shit in the rocks or the dirt. It’s unsightly but it’s biodegradable. But on the sidewalk? C’mon. I guess the question is, if you see someone you know allowing their dog to do this, do you identify them. Like in the video above, if I knew who that was, do I post, “Yeah, that’s the guy who lives on the corner of such and such and whoodeedoo.” Or, do you just stay out of it?

I Like Smashing Stuff – It’s not exactly rocket science or original. But I like the sound of stuff getting smashed. Grab random shit and a croquet mallet. The listener has to guess what was smashed. If you have a SmashBurger in your town…get em to give you free food as a prize or something.

Nice Celebrity Encounters – I guess there was a surge of negative celebrity stories on Tik Tok so a user decided to promote “positive celebrity encounters.” The story is about how Robert Downey Jr. gave up his coat to a retail worker because the guy complemented him on it. It’s good story. Do you have any? Tell us your positive celebrity encounters.