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Does anyone watch _______ anymore? – Now, I realize this can possibly put me in the “get off my lawn zone,” but there are certain things that come across my newsfeed that require attention. I saw that MTV have renewed spinoffs of “Ridiculessness,” “Messyness” & “Deliciousness.” I guess Snooki is involved in one or both. I get it. MTV is geared toward the 12-34 year old…mainly 12-24, I would assume. It certainly does not cater to my demographic. Does anyone watch MTV anymore? Seriously. For me, it might be a direct result of two things: A.) I’m an adult. B.) I cut the cord years ago.

I’ve heard “Grey’s Anatomy” is still a thing. For real? It’s still on the air, right? Does anyone watch local news anymore? Again, with the aforementioned cord cutting, I haven’t watched it in forever. You know, depending on where you live, the quality can be suspect at best. I tend to get my local news from my Twitter feed. I follow the local news media to get the stories I need to know about.

Anything else? Does anyone watch _____________ anymore?”

Kim Kardashian Esq. – I’m not going to shit on this achievement. For real, she passed the “baby bar,” which I guess is for those that take a route different than traditional law school. That’s a lot of work. I’m not even going to shit on the announcement on social media, where regardless of her achievement, she felt the need to take a glamour shot in a bathroom. I’m not going to shit on her studying law books in a bikini on the patio of her Hidden Hills mansion, as displayed on TMZ. I think it’s amazing that although she failed the exam three times, she persevered and was successful on the fourth go ’round. It’s an amazing accomplishment.

Now, let’s remember, we marvel when we see the post-pregnancy body of a celebrity. Or, how yoked an actor gets for a movie role. It all still requires discipline, however, they do have some advantages that most of us don’t. Personal trainer, dietitians, in Kim’s case, lawyerly scholars to not only guide her but keep her on point. Bottom line is, they got the cash that certainly assists with the success.

If money was no option, what would you try to accomplish? If you didn’t have the 9-to-5 to keep the lights on, what would you attempt to achieve? Be a lawyer? Learn the guitar? Build your body like Momoa? Do that Rosetta Stone thing til Mandarin flowed from your lips?

Secondly, let’s say you had the advantages of the rich and famous…do you think you would accomplish any of that? Me? Nope. I would be drunk on a yacht. Not studying for the bar exam. Not doing push-ups and certainly not learning fucking Mandarin.

Buying the Boss a Christmas Gift -I saw a Reddit thread where this woman was going off about a co-worker asking that she contribute $20 to get the boss a gift for Christmas. I’m a hell no on this. Bosses don’t get gifts…they should give gifts. I have never contributed to the boss’ Xmas gift fund. I decline and have every time. (Maybe that’s why I’m unemployed…tee hee.) Furthermore, I don’t think any employee should be put in that position. Because it’s the boss, you feel like you have to. You got one kiss ass on the team, brown-nosing the corner office.

I will leave room for good bosses. There are a lot of them. And the boss isn’t twisting her mustache, masterminding a plan to get a free “Best Boss” coffee mug. She/he is probably unaware. They don’t expect a gift. A good boss wouldn’t want a gift. A good boss knows that her/his employees bust their collective asses, don’t make a lot of money and have family to consider. Every penny counts.

Do you participate in the “Buy the Boss a Gift” program? Are you the boss? What is your take on your underpaid staff (hehehe) spending what little money they have buying you a Goldenrod and elderberry scented Yankee Candle?

Pooling of the Tips – If you have friends that squawk all the time about socialism, pooling the tips is that, man. You bust your ass to get good tips, but Hunter doesn’t do shit and he gets the same cut. F that! You read the story of the Oven and Tap restaurant in Arkansas? Huge tip…$4,400, the server was told she had to turn over all the money to the restaurant and she would get her standard 20%. She said no..and was fired. Here’s the story – 

Have you worked a job where you had to pool your tips? Was it cool…or did it lead to resentment? Did you work at a joint where the owners took a cut of your tips? By the way, if the owners of a restaurant did this to you, would you walk? 

The other cool part of this is the “$100 Club.” (Details in the story.) They all go to dinner and each of them bring an extra $100 each for the tip. The lucky server(s) get the huge tip. I love that!

Spirit of Giving  – Speaking of the above paragraph, I’ve always wanted to do something similar but, perhaps, on a smaller scale. My plan is, over the year, to put aside a couple thousand, maybe $5k…and during December, anytime I go out to eat and the server is cool or any type of great customer service, I suppose…I just put down an extra $100. Just leave the tip and go…an anonymous spreading of some good cheer. Just do it to do it.

I know of this instance where dude went through the Taco Bell drive-thru. In conversation with the woman working the window, she said, “I don’t think I’m getting anything for Christmas.” The person said, “Well, you never know.” The worker went on to say repeatedly how blessed she was for her health and her job. 

The guy returned, went through the drive-thru, didn’t order anything but had a Christmas card signed, “Now, you can’t say you didn’t get anything for Christmas” with $40 inside.  Gave the sealed envelope to the woman and drove off. 

If you are lucky to have a third-chair, dick kind of character…or someone on the show that’s a bit more brash, why not do a little something to make their character more lovable? Personally, I always thought about doing something called, “Random Acts of Spenceness.” Get a sponsor involved and you do simple things like pick up a check, tip extra, show up with Christmas tree or Thanksgiving dinners. Local TV has done this stuff forever…The Surprise Squad or whatever. I think it would be a memorable, heart-warming bit.