Classic Phone Scams – Adult Braces

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Years and years ago, when I was on KLUC’s morning show here in Vegas, we did phone scams. Well, that’s what we called em. Some shows call them Phone Pranks or Phone Taps. We did a ton. I think upwards of 400 different scams before we stopped doing the bit.

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The other night I stumbled upon an external hard drive chock full of scams and I thought, “Why the hell not.” I might as well post them again. Some of them, I think, are pretty funny. Some are not but that’s okay, ya can’t hit a game winning double every time you come to bat.

Coronavirus is not a laughing matter. Well, sometimes it is.

My former co-host Lauren and I called a dentist with a problem with our adult braces.

Classic Phone Scam – Adult Braces