Skool Sux

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Updated 3/1/21 – Pre-K through 3rd grade are back in classrooms this morning as Clark County Schools welcomed back kids for limited in-person learning. The children will attend either on Monday and Tuesday or Thursday and Friday with Wednesdays closed to students for sanitization. Students will do distance learning on days opposite they are in the classroom. No matter how you look at it, school sucks. This is a song I did about it a couple of years back.

Remember back in the day when you would go back to school after the Labor Day Weekend? Right? Now, they start school in the middle of friggin’ summer. That’s down right un-American, I think. No matter when the school gets back in session, most kids are not very happy about it.

Upon, Clark County Schools returning to their pencils, books and teacher’s dirty looks, I put together a song in honor of education and all that are affected by it.

Check out the video for the original track, “Skool Sux.”