Yes Means Yes: It’s the Law

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Obviously, no one is attempting to make fun of victims of rape or sexual assault. No one! However, the fact that the most overly legislated state in the union, California, has passed a law that is titled “Yes Means Yes,” requires at least a small, “Doh!” Why did they pass such a law? Well, because, apparently, “No Means No,” didn’t quite do the job.

Affirmative consent is the key. Both parties must, basically, say “yes” or some form of the affirmative before the act can begin. Don’t we know this already? I mean the rapists obviously don’t…but they’re not going to pay attention to the law anyway, right? And let’s say everyone says “Yes.” Outside of an actual signed agreement, let’s say in the end one party regrets the action and claims there was no affirmative…it still boils down to a he said/she said or he said/he said or she said…ugh…you get the point. Anyway…