“X” Powered by Prestige Worldwide

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Many believe that Elon Musk is the sole architect behind changing Twitter’s illustrious logo from a happy, little bird to a very dystopian, generic, unimaginative image of the letter “X.”

In brand marketing terms, it seems crazy to take a known commodity like Twitter and throwing its imagery in the toilet. It would be like Kleenex coming out and saying, “Just call us facial tissue.”

Love him or hate him, Musk seems to be a pretty bright guy, right? It would make sense that maybe there was someone else pulling the strings on what appears to be a boneheaded marketing decision.

In this ad, discarded before the launch of “X,” we discover that the Twitter rebrand may have been designed by the braintrust behind the legendary hip hop jam, “Boats & Hoes” – Huff And Doback. It seems their organization, specializing in everything from security to black, leather gloves, and not Musk, may have fueled the social media platform’s drastic change. It’s “X” Powered by Prestige Worldwide.