When Unemployment Ends

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I can’t be the only one concerned as to what’s going to happen when unemployment ends. Obviously, I’m looking for a job. Radio, where my expertise lies, ain’t exactly creating jobs. So, that gov’t money’s going to run out soon.

At this posting, Congress was still in talks about extending the benefit but it would appear the GOP think that we’re lazy and we don’t want to work. Fact is, due to COVID, there are not a lot of jobs out there.

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If you’re concerned like I am, sit down, gather the children around the iPad and watch me butcher a Green Day song.

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With apologies to Green Day, my Song of the Week is parody of “Wake Me Up When September Ends.” This is “When Unemployment Ends,” for Friday, July 24, 2020.

Or, a version of  “When Unemployment Ends” with a full karaoke track.

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