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Bizconnect is the world’s first exclusive business-to-business search engine. Basically, a B2B marketplace where buyers and sellers can easily find and market their products and services.

I thought it would be fun to creatively display, in simple terms, how the search engine works. Truthfully, it’s as simple as bringing two people together.

When Bizconnect Happens 2

I used stock video from Elements by Envato and told the story with some simple graphics on top. The original idea for this was to use “Up Where We Belong” by Joe Cocker & Jennifer Warnes. That music really makes the video. However, I can’t imagine the cost involved in licensing that piece of music.

When Bizconnect Happens 1

Same concept as above. One observation was made that perhaps I should have used a younger more “Hollywood” friendly couple for the video. C’mon, it’s much funnier with old schoolers in slow motion.

Helping Hand

Simple and similar to the “When BC Happens” ideas. This is how the search engine works. The three videos were used on social media platforms.