Welcome to March

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We all know what March is about, right? I think if we took a poll it would probably list three things: 1.) St. Patrick’s Day, 2.) March Madness and 3.) The first day of Spring. But March is much more than that. Welcome to March.

On this, the first day of March, named for Mars, the Roman God of War, I educate you as to other things we celebrate during the third month of the year. God of War? Yikes. I didn’t know it was all that serious. I know, for instance, March is National Nutrition Month. That sounds harmless. It’s also Bleeding Disorders Month. Raise your hand if you didn’t know hemophiliacs had their own month.

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Nothing else that’s really all that notable, I guess. I mean, there is National Problem Gambling Awareness Month. If you don’t know, you might have a gambling problem. If you do, acknowledge it at some point over the next 30 days or so.

Here is my educational celebration of the month of March. Welcome to March.

Welcome to March