Wear a Mask

Posted by admin on May 14, 2020 Audio | Blog | Original Songs | Spence's Song of the Week | Videos | No comments

All of the scientists, the doctors the CDC, the WHO all have said that wearing a mask can inhibit the spread of COVID-19. That’s good enough of me. I don’t go anywhere, in public, without my mask.

I don’t wear it for fear that I may get sick. I wear it, just in case, so that I don’t get others sick. So when a person does not wear masks it comes across to me as being a selfish asshole

I do the grocery shopping for my family and the number of half-wits I come across in Walmart is astounding. Between non-mask wearers to others who don’t cough into their elbows to those that have zero sense of personal space. It is no wonder this pandemic has stretched on as long as it has.

The simple message of my Song of the Week is as obvious as it is simple, wear a f***ing mask when you are encountering others. Got it?!

Recorded on May 15, 2020.