Turbo Tax’s Trump Bump

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TurboTax Trump Bump

That smile on President Trump’s face may have diminished just a little bit after a New York Times’ explosive story about the president’s taxes. It seems the billionaire didn’t pay any federal income tax ten out of the last 15 years. He only paid $750 the first two years of his presidency. It could be why Turbo Tax is unveiling its new tax program titled “Trump Bump.”

Come on, we’ve known for years that there is a different tax code for the wealthy. What Donald’s been doing for years has been done by everyone that has money. Is it disgusting? Yes. Is it bullshit? Yes. But now maybe, the great unwashed, you and I, can avoid paying taxes just like Donald Trump.

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I think we also have an idea now why Donnie Boy did not want America to see his taxes. It’s even being noted that somehow old #45 received a $72.9 million tax refund one year. Holy S!!!

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Now, you can file your taxes like Trump and save money with “Turbo Tax’s Trump Bump.” Here’s more

Turbo Tax’s Trump Bump