Tricks & Treats

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I’ll be honest, to set up this page I thought of writing something like, “Here are a bunch of Halloween Tricks & Treats from the twisted mind of Spence. But that is so lame. Ya know, ya wanna use the cliched Halloween puns and what not because it’s the season. They’re cliches because they are popular phrases, people can identify with them. So, we’ll settle with the title above and let you know that these are some Halloween bits and songs to enjoy over the Halloween holiday. Fair enough?

White House of Horrors

I’m sure in the Lincoln Bedroom there’s a former president spinning in his grave.

Sexy Costume Outlet

Halloween is all about being sexy. Now, there’s a one-stop-shop for everyone that wants to sexily their costumes.

Youngblood (Dracula Remix)

Take 5SOS’ smash “Youngblood” and give it a Dracula-midlife crisis take and you have this Halloween Song of the Week.

Clown Shaming

A whimsical childhood pal, the clown, has been vilified and we won’t stand for it.

I Ain’t No Halloween Guy

Sam Smith’s “Too Good at Goodbyes” for the anti-Halloween guy.

The P.C. Halloween Outlet

This year, enjoy Halloween without offending other people at The P.C. Halloween Outlet

Haunted House

Flo Rida gets the Halloween treatment.

Pumpkin Spice

Mother Pumpkin, Yeah! Everything in the world’s alright, now that everything is made with pumpkin spice.