The Politically Correct Circus

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To its’ credit, Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus have seen the animal welfare writing on the wall and announced on Thursday the elimination of all elephant acts under the big top. They will faze out the trained pachyderms by 2018.

Did they go far enough? What about the health and welfare of the bearded lady? That doesn’t sound very politically correct. Shouldn’t she be the “foliclly-advanced” woman…or Olga…after all that’s the name her momma gave her.

Lions? You think they enjoy the whip of a lion tamer and how about clowns? No one wants to be called a “clown” and then stuffed into a small car with 15 other clowns. That doesn’t sound safe at all.
I figured we’d give you a sample of what a “politically correct” Ringling Brothers would look like.