The Mike Tyson Flight Fight Song

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I think we’ve done some good work here. Upon seeing the TMZ acquired video of Mike Tyson beating the shit outta some dude on a JetBlue flight in San Francisco, I had to do something.

We’ve all been on a flight where you wanted to be like Mike. And, let’s be clear, Mike had cause. Yes, from what I understand, the fool was inebriated, but he deserved every one of those, what my Hawaiian mother-in-law would call “dirty lickin’s.” It’s the “Mike Tyson Flight Fight Song.”

I grabbed the Mike Tyson Punch-Out!! championship music and added lyrics that are both entertaining and educational. Find lyrics below the Insta video.


Don’t fuck with Tyson on a tarmac or it is likely you will be smacked.
Don’t fuck with Tyson on a jet or you will get hit in the head.

Don’t fuck with Tyson in first class or he will put a hurt on your ass.
Don’t fuck with Tyson on a flight or he could easily end your life.

Don’t fuck with Tyson on JetBlue or he just might straight murder you.
Don’t fuck with Tyson on a plane or you’ll haver bleeding in your brain.