The High Roller in 30 Seconds

Posted by admin on March 31, 2014 Blog | Videos | No comments

On March 30, 2014 I had the opportunity to ride the 550-foot tall High Roller observation wheel at The Linq. A complete rotation is about 30 minutes. I set up my GoPro 3+ with the suction cup attachment and used the time-lapse feature. I shrank the time from 30 minutes to 30 seconds.

The view is slightly northwest. In my haste to set up the camera, I neglected to put it on the south side of the pod which would have given a spectacular view of the Strip including City Center and the Cosmopolitan.

Additionally, there’s slight hiccup in the video. This was due to a woman, whom I will refer to as “moron” who ran her head into the camera.