The Folding Chair

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Most Americans love the folding chair: convenient, inexpensive, and easy to store. The folding chair has become a staple at cookouts, wedding venues, and even on the occasional riverboat booze cruise.

I, personally, have a stack of twelve, uniformly hanging, in my garage. Like most, I suspect, I use them for sitting. But as I was reminded on social media this past weekend, the folding chair is for far more than a device to rest your weary feet.

Don’t miss out on MMMBoppenheimer!

Back in ’99, I saw The Rock smash Mankind with a chair during Royal Rumble. But, that’s professional wrestling. It’s fake. Nobody really uses a common folding chair as a weapon. Do they?

When the crew of the Harriott II Riverboat clashed with some boaters, who refused to move their pontoon boat from a pier, I witnessed the glory, and effectiveness, of a chair, folded, as a weapon, in a real life scenario.

The folding chair has a durable, steel frame, two easy-to-grip handles and a broad surface that nearly guarantees a perfect strike each and every time.

When the fight comes to you, don’t take it sitting down. Get a folding chair.