The Best of the Donald

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Since Donald J. Trump announced his run for president, all the way until present day, I have enjoyed, greatly, making fun of 45.

In the early days, pre-presidency, no one really took his candidacy seriously. Remember, HillDog was supposed to win easily. Back then, you could make a Trump joke without someone threatening you with bodily harm or worse the “I’m never going to listen to your radio station” attempt at intimidation followed by a whiny complaint to my general manager. Boo-friggin-hoo.

Here are some of the best Trump-related bits from the last couple of years:

Bunker Bitch  – In times of trouble, where else would you find 45?”

White House of Horrors – “In the Lincoln Bedroom, I’m sure a former president is spinning in his grave.

Impeachment: The Fragrance – “Imported from Ukraine. Will it pass the smell test?”

Nukicane – “Dropping a nuke into the eye of a hurricane. What could go wrong?”

The Wall: Birth Control – “Stop illegal insemination with “The Wall””

Ladders – “If you’re south of the border wall, here’s what you need to come to America.”

The Wall by Lego – “The southern border needs a wall. Your kids can help.”

Space Force – “It’s like the Air Force…but in space.”

Donald Trump’s Summer Camp for Kids – Everyone like a little time away from mom and dad.

Trump Yourself – A parody of Justin Bieber’s “Love Yourself.”

KGBFFS – A buddy sitcom starring Donald & his pal Vlad.

The True Meaning of “Covefefe” – Who knew it was a fragrance?

Trumpa Lumpa – Well, the Oompa Loompas kind of looked like Donald, didn’t they?

Small Hands – A lovely ditty about presidential digits.

WikiLeak – The cure for an overactive political bladder. Use as directed.

A Donald Trump Christmas – A holiday album to make Christmas great again.

I Think My Dog is Voting for Trump – Apparently he did, cuz Trump won.

A Donald Trump Easter – Eggs at the annual Egg Roll. White…all white, prolly.