Still Friggin’ Hot

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I’m not trying to be like the cliché of the crazed, religious zealot standing on a street corner wearing a sandwich board that reads, “The end is near.” But, this heat wave is apocalyptic. There appears to be no end in sight and it is still friggin’ hot.

Phoenix set a record the other day: 118 degrees. That’s like Baghdad hot. The oceans around Florida are a not-so-refreshing 100 degrees. That ain’t the beach. That’s a hot tub. Global warming has is now officially global hot.

Hear the original summer heat track, “It’s Friggin’ Hot”

With the guitar prowess of an eight-year-old after his first lesson combined rhyming skills of a dumbed down Dr. Seuss, here is the sequel to “It’s Friggin’ Hot. Yes, more opportunities to rhyme shit with the word, “hot.” Presenting the cleverly named, “Still Friggin’ Hot.”