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I lost my job at the very beginning of 2020. Since then, the world has gone to shit. Coincidence? I think not. Many, around the world have referred to what has happened since that date as Spencepocalypse.

Hear my Song of the Week tribute to 2020 – “F*** You, 2020, I’m Done Part 2.” 

The solution to end the madness that has enveloped our planet is simple. The world’s chakras are out of alignment. Our world has become Muspelheim and it must be extinguished and tempered to bring back peace and tranquility to our lives. And, baby, Thor, can do nothing about this one.

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What must happen is I must regain employment. It’s that simple. (If you are one of those with the ability to do such a thing – email your boy.) I mean, it’s only a matter of saving the planet from destruction.

No, go ahead, take your time.