SOW – Vape with You

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Yes, I think we can all agree that cigarette smoke is total shit. And, until there is complete evidence from FDA, or some other political body, to completely clarify whether or not vaping is safe, I’d much rather smell a peach fuzz scented cloud than one inspired by the Marlboro Man.

Nonetheless, people that vape come across as kinda douchey. I was at the bar at my neighborhood Chili’s and this dude was spraying his vape cloud all over everything. I’m eating over here and don’t really want blue raspberry mist in my Southwestern Eggrolls, ya sumbitch.

But because vaping it the “thing,” we gots to sing about it. Ed Sheeran’s hit, “Shape of You,” seemed to be the perfect vehicle.

At the pub trying to find a smokeless lover don’t like Marlboro
You and your friends are enjoying garlic knots as I take a hit nice and slow
Come over and walk through the exhalation to see me and ask me what’s in my hand now
I put my hand up. Put my pipe in your mouth and suck. I say my name is, Lance, we’re talking like

Girl, I saw you cross the pub and the clouds you made smelled like cotton candy.
You’ve the same vape pipe as me. I may be crazy but it’s meant to be.
Say, boy, I love to vape so much. What is your taste? Would you like some blue raspberry?
Come on now, come vape with me. Come, come on now taste my cherry.

I would love to go vape with you. My favorite is peach fuzz too.
I don’t care if they call me a douche. I wanna vape with you, hottie.
Last night we vaped in my room. We talked about martial arts too.
Every day, night and morning, vaping’s so cool

I wanna vape with you hottie.
And irritate everybody
We should vape and get naughty
and then do some karate
Every day, night and morning, vaping’s so cool
I would love to go vape with you.