Song of the Week: Trump Lumpa

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Truth be told, I had a completely different Song of the Week ready to go for today. A song dedicated to the simplicity of denouncing white supremacy. After completing that video the news came down that President Trump and his missus caught COVID-19. Immediate change of plans and here we have this week’s Song of the Week, titled, “Trumpa Lumpa.”

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Back in February, President Trump knew how deadly and contagious COVID-19 was. He downplayed it. He called it a Democratic hoax. Held huge rallies and, more often than not, refused to wear a mask. Did he not know it’s 2020? And if there’s one thing 2020 has shown a reputation for, it’s biting one’s ass.

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While I hope the president and his wife have a speedy recovery, you can’t help but poke some fun at a guy that showers in hubris gets a kick in the nuts, ya know? It’s like when the bully gets popped in the mouth. So, for Friday, October 2, 2020, my Song of the Week, “Trumpa Lumpa.”