Say Hi to Your Mom for Me

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There have been numerous loves songs dedicated to mom over the years. “A Song to Mama” by Boyz II Men comes to mind. Tupac’s “Dear Mama” would be a favorite of mine. Or maybe, Backstreet Boys’ “The Perfect Fan.” But no song really covers the love some have for a newly-divorced mom on the prowl like this one.

“Say Hi to Your Mom for Me,” is really a song based on a show you might find on the cable channel Animal Planet. A young buck is out in the wild, pursued by a predator. It’s a cougar and it needs meat: young, fresh meat. It seems the cougar’s old man is out of the picture and the young buck is more than willing to provide the one-night of sustenance the cougar desires.

Celebrating “Hot Moms” with this original Mother’s Day track.

It’s nature, man. Nature, and it’s calling. Enjoy this original song on piano in honor of those moms who need to be fulfilled. Oh, and Happy Mother’s Day!