The Republican Party Debate Drinking Game

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Drinking. How else are you going to get through the shit show that will be tonight’s first Republican Party debate?

Minus one Donald J. Trump, it’s almost a battle for second place. Trump’s hold on the party is evident in the polls. The former president leads by 30 to 40 points.

So, of the also-rans, who will shine in their attempt to become Trump’s number one target? Who cares? We’re just here to drink.

You know how drinking games work. Listen for any key GOP words or phrases. When they are mentioned, take a shot. Or, in the case of Hunter Biden, maybe do some crack. Whatever you decide to drink is fine with us, however, I’m guessing the Republicans are against you downing Bud Light.

For more of an explanation please take a listen to The Republican Party Debate Drinking Game.