Put Your Finger In My Ear, Flower

Posted by admin on May 25, 2018 Audio | Blog | Original Songs | Videos | No comments

One of the major reasons that all of Las Vegas fell in love with goalie Marc-Andre Fleury was encompassed by one, simple move. No, not a kick save or a game-saving catch with the glove hand. No, it happened with 2:34 in the second period of the Golden Knights 4-2 Western Conference playoff win over the Edmonton Oilers.

A scrum was going down in front of Fleury’s net and he decided to give Oilers’ forward, Blake Wheeler a wet willie. It was caught on camera and just showed that even in the heat of a huge playoff game, even pros can have a little fun. And, it inspired my song of the week, “Put Your Finger In My Ear Flower.”