Politics Not as Usual

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2024 has been nothing short of a roller coaster ride. At this writing, the coaster has yet to return its riders to safety, and probably won’t until after November…if ever. Here are a few of my favorite bits, songs and videos highlighting politics in general, but to be honest, mainly Trump.

Trump Monopoly – You won’t take a ride on the Reading, or win $10 in a beauty contest, but you will definitly go to jail.

Hush Money – Since I’m apparently all about board games, here’s one from last year. It’s the only board game you play under the table – Hush Money.

Bleach Blonde Bad Built Butch Body – Congresswoman Jasmine Crockett threw down somer serious aliteration shade at Marjorie Taylor Greene. Here’s my take.

Arizona – With the help of The Knack’s classic, “My Sharona,” here’s are the ramifications of the state regressing to an 1864 abortion law.

Measles – With all of the anti-vaxxer nonsense being regurgitated by politicians, it was no surprise that the disease is making a comeback…in Florida.

The Trump Liquidation Sale – The orange turd owes E. Jean Carrol north of $400 million dollars. It’s time for the sale of the century. How much for the gold toilet, Donald?

The Republican Party Debate Drinking Game – We figured if you watched the first Republican Party Debate, you might get smashed on the name “Hunter Biden” alone.

Capitol Hill Senior Center – Everyone is still focused on President Joe Biden’s age, but what about Congress?

OnlyFans Invites Trump – With virtually all of social media kicking President Trump of their platforms, leave it to OnlyFans to give #45 a shot.

A Message from the Capitol Building – What did the “People’s House” have to say after being invaded by pro-Trump domestic terrorists?

Crazy Don’s Republican Motors – They’re going out of business and they all gotta go. Every car, truck and SUV only $11,780. Sale ends January 20th.

Let It Go, Trump – Yup, I gave Donnie the “Frozen” treatment in hopes that he’ll realize he lost and we can all move on.

Trump & Biden – It’s a little ditty about the two major party candidates done to John Cougar Mellencamp’s “Jack & Diane.”

ChippenMails – Since President Trump began undermining our country’s election, many have feared about their vote counting if they used the United States Postal Service. This year, try the first ever “vote by MALE, MAIL service” – ChippenMails.

Mike Pence’s FlyThe star of the only vice presidential debate was neither Vice President Mike Pence or Democratic challenger Kamala Harris. It was a fly.

Melania on the Hallmark’s Countdown to Christmas – With the First Lady’s unguarded comments about Christmas decorations, I couldn’t but help make a Hallmark Channel holiday movie out of it.

Trumpa Lumpa – When you have a leader who refuses to wear a mask during a global pandemic and then catches the virus that has killed 230,000 of your countrymen, the very least you can do is make a song for him.

Antifa Brand Products – I just figured that Antifa couldn’t just be against fascism. It had to be anti a lot of other stuff. And wouldn’t it be cool, if you could market those products to your fellow anti-fascists?

AARP Antifa Provocateur Training – During the protests over the murder of George Floyd, an elderly protestor was knocked down and seriously injured by Buffalo police. The president said the old man was Antifa. So, why not?

Trump Wars: The Orange Menace – Remember that time when the president cleared Lafayette Square by force and pepper balls so he could take a photo opp. in front of a church. Oh yeah? Me too.

Bunker Bitch – When peaceful Black Lives Matters protestors marched on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, our Commander in Chief, cowered in the White House basement.

Fuck You, 2020, I’m Done – The sentiment of this song is supported by most Americans. I realize that I didn’t live through WWII or the Civil War but, in my lifetime, 2020 has been nothing short of a disaster.

Oh! Canada – I created this animation after the 2016 election, when Trump surprised everyone and defeated Hillary Clinton. You know, the popular sentiment of, “If so and so wins, I’m moving to Canada.”