Phase 2

Posted by admin on May 28, 2020 Blog | Original Songs | Spence's Song of the Week | Videos | No comments

Vegas is back! Well, sorta, as earlier this week Governor Sisolak announced “Phase 2” of Nevada’s re-opening would begin on Friday, May 29th.

This allows the opening of bars (no gambling), tattoo parlors, spas, pools, water parks, massage joints and other businesses. Of course, social distancing and masks should be utilized. That in itself is laughable, but okay. (If you’ve been anywhere in the last few days, no one seems to give two f***s.)

So, whatchu gonna do? Will you head to the movies? Will you gather with friends (no more than 50 please) at a neighborhood pub or maybe it’s time for a new tat. Later, casinos are supposed to get the go ahead on June 4th. My Song of the Week for Friday, May 29th is a musical guidebook to what you could be doing as Nevada enters “Phase 2.”

Recorded on May 28th, 2020.