Old Couple Marvels At Covered Bridge

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VERMONT – Betsy Cormier and her husband Jack have always been fond of old, covered bridges. “I think it’s romantic,” claimed Betsy, “It harkens back to a simpler time.”

In Northfield Falls, Vermont stands the 151 year old Slaughterhouse Covered Bridge, and Jack is astounded. “It’s a bridge. It’s covered. It’s definitely a covered bridge all right.”

Like a lot of old people, Betsy reminisced, “It was that movie, ‘Madison County’ with Robert Redford. Since then, I’ve always gotten a tingle every time I see a covered bridge or Redford,” said Betsy. “In fact, if Robert, who mind you is ten years my senior, was here, I’d probably do him right there on the bridge, splinters and all.”

Jack responded, “Don’t think she wouldn’t, lead paint be damned.”

Jack pulled his bride in close as they stared into the dimly lit tunnel – because that’s what a covered bridge is, isn’t it? it’s basically a tunnel. Jack pondered his life for a moment then uttered, “Ya know who I’d do on the bridge, Bets?” Without skipping a beat, the couple said in unison, “Angie Dickinson.” Their laughter erupted and then faded as they continued standing, admiring the covered bridge. They are old and really didn’t have anything else to do.