New from NASA: Space Water

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The bottled water you buy at the supermarket can come from many sources. Some claim natural springs or exotic locales like the French Alps, while others are simply filtered Pasadena tap water. Finally, a bottled water from a source that is out of this world – Space Water from NASA.

Bottles of Space Water await shipment from the International Space Station.

Yes, straight from the toilet, aboard the International Space Station, to your mouth, it’s Space Water. The scientists at the NASA have engineered a way to recycle real-life astronaut urine into water. Mmmm, sounds tasty. (Feel free to make your joke concerning Coors Light or Mick Ultra.)

Not since Jesus turned water into wine has there been such a transformative event in the history consumable liquids.

One slight problem, you should probably be aware of, the scientists at the government space agency can only recycle 98% of the intergalactic urine into water.

I’m no mathematician but that means 2% remains fresh from the bladder. Yikes!

Why not? I mean people still choose to drink Red Bull and not complain. Here’s to Space Water, now with 2% real Astronaut pee.