My Playoff Beard Makes Me Feel Tough

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It’s one of those little things that make me love hockey. It’s the tradition of players growing out their beards during the duration of their team’s existence in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Fans join in. I grew mine out back in ’18 and my playoff beard made me feel tough. For real.

Check DJCO1’s VGK Pump Up Mix.

Hell, I’ve even tried to encourage a former female co-host to do her part with something called a “Playoff Leg.” No shaving one leg until the Vegas Golden Knights get booted from the playoffs.

See the latest edition of “Spence Knows Knews.” 

To celebrate the tradition. To celebrate my weak ass attempt to grow a beard in support of my Golden Knights. Here’s my Song of the Week is an original song on guitar titled, “My Playoff Beard Makes Me Feel Tough” for Friday, August 21, 2020.

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