Mr. Patrón

Posted by admin on May 5, 2023 Blog | Original Songs | Videos | No comments

See, this is where you go all wrong. Tequila is not your friend. Patron is not your drinking buddy. Sure, he’s friendly and wants you to have a good time. But he has the upper hand. Like the ocean, man, don’t turn your back on Mr. Patrón.

And you know what happens next. You end up sprawled out in the rec room of the Asian family that lives two doors down from you. So, while you had an amazing Cinco de Mayo, your Seis de Mayo finds you in a drunk tank. Repeat after me, “Mr. Patrón, and I are not amigos.”

A special shout out to Hayden. His birthday is coming up on May 12th. You may notice “Flat Hayden” perched on the mic stand over my left shoulder.