Mr. Bluecheck

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Before Elon Musk, being Twitter verified was a status symbol. There were guidelines on how you could receive your badge of social media splendor. (As an on-air personality, I tried many times; I was always rejected.) Mainly, however, the symbol indicated that your account was genuine. You were, in fact, the celebrity or politician you identified as not just some Mr. Bluecheck.

Now, anyone can be “verified,” for $8 a month. And verified, by definition is absolutely the wrong word to use for what is known as Twitter Blue. Any dickhead who has $96 dollars a year to burn can pay for the blue check.

Enjoy the scent of Elon Musk’s Musk

Since Musk’s scheme went into effect, there seems to be a thread that connects most Mr. Bluechecks. Most seem to loooooove Elon. They are typically anti-vaxx, pro-election denial, they like red caps, and are really upset that Fox fired Tucker Carlson. Oh, and they sure love the American flag emoji!

For all of you watching the slow-speed train crash that Twitter has become, here’s a salute to Mr. Bluecheck and all of his 27 followers.