Merry Spencemas

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27 years ago on this date, December 2nd, I was born. Popularly known as “Spencemas,” we celebrate by shouting, “Merry Spencemas” drinking copious amounts of whiskey and playing classic Spencemas songs.

Every year, I present a new Spencemas album. A collection of songs for the holiday. You can check out last year’s collection of Spencemas songs here: Spencemas: Oh No He Dih-unt!

This year’s album presented new challenges. For one, my f***ing inability to land a GD gig! But I digress. Actually, no, that’s what the entire collection of Spencemas songs is about…it’s why this year’s album is titled, “An Unemployment Spencemas.”

Check out “Christmas In Spenceland – holiday comedy, here.

Tales of hiding from the repo man to the things you have to do to put dinner on the table, they’re all covered here on “An Unemployment Spencemas.”

Below please find other Spencemas selections and please impart to strangers, as well as, friends a “Merry Spencemas.”