The March Madness Song 2023

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45 seconds. That’s it. 45 seconds to cover each and every team that punched their ticket for the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. All 68 teams. That includes the play in “First Four” games that begin today. All 68 in under 45 seconds is the March Madness Song for 2023.

I have been doing a version of this song for ten years or so. Each year, my friends at Delicious Audio make it available to radio stations across the country and around the world. If you’re a college basketball fan in Bloomington, Indiana or Pasadena, California there’s a good chance you’ve heard a version of this song.

Interesting facts: Of the 68 teams in this year’s tournament, there are five Tigers (Texas Southern, Memphis, Auburn, Princeton & Missouri) four Wildcats (Kentucky, Kansas State, Arizona, & Northwestern and four Bulldogs (Gonzaga, Mississippi State, UNC Ashville & Drake.) 19% of the field is either a Tiger, Wildcat or Bulldog.

Are you a Cat Person or A Dog Person?

Cats beats dogs with 15 feline mascots; the aforementioned Tigers and Wildcats with a couple of Cougars, Panthers, Catamounts, Bobcats, and Nittany Lions. Only seven canines; the Bulldogs, of course, with a couple of Wolfpacks, and Huskies.

You’ve got eight teams that honor birds – the Redhawks, Jayhawks, Hawkeyes, Bluejays, two Owls and two Golden Eagles. You could say there are three “golden eagles.” Kent State’s Golden Flashes’ mascot is a golden eagle. However, the team was named after a Golden Retriever back in the 50’s. You got me on that one.

As far as other animals, we’ve got Bears (Baylor, UCLA Bruins), Antelopes, Broncos, Longhorns, turtles (Terrapins), Bison and a pig (Razorbacks.)

The religious outnumber the heathens by a count of three to two and half. You have the Friars and a couple of Gaels on the Jesus tip. Representing the unholy are Arizona State (Sun Devils), Duke (Blue Devils) and TCU. I mean, the frogs do have horns.

I’m Going to College to be a Boilermaker

As far as people, yeah, a few of those – The Norse from Northern Kentucky, Spartans, Trojans, Islanders, Illini, Aztecs, Musketeers, Volunteers, Cavaliers and Mountaineers, Raiders, Rajin’ Cajuns, Hoosiers, Boilermakers, Knights, Aggies, Gauchos and Paladins. Furman University are the Paladins. I had no idea that a paladin was a knight in Charlemagne’s court during the 8th century. They could shoot arrows and jumpers. Who knew?

And you’ve got the Crimson Tide. The name is from some old timey Alabama-Auburn game back in the black and white days. Also, it’s slang for menstruation. Enjoy.

68 teams in 45 seconds – here is the March Madness Song for 2023.