Kid Repeatedly Asking, “Are We There Yet?” Arrives

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For the love of God, Hunter, go to sleep.

TAMPA – Donna Barker’s four-year-old son is an inquisitive soul. While sitting in his turquoise and gray car seat, buckled into his mother’s 2015 Honda Passport, Hunter asked a popular childhood question, “Are we there yet?” A fair question for any weary traveler, however, asking the same question 673 times, in intervals of five to seven seconds, might be considered a bit excessive. 

Impervious to sleep, the toddler battled through several doses of melatonin gummies. Attempts to distract him with multiple viewings of the Disney classic, “Encanto,” failed. Episodes of Peppa Pig and various renditions of “The Wheels on the Bus” were also ineffective in tempering the child’s desire to know his estimated time of arrival. 

If you happen to see an impetuous, sandy-blonde haired child sitting in a Graco car seat on the shoulder of Interstate 275, he answers to the name, Hunter. He’s a big fan of Goldfish crackers and juice boxes, preferably apple.