Karen News Network: The Walmart Preacher

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KKaren News Networkarens are everywhere. Now, a network designed to give you the latest news and information on Karens. Introducing KNN: the Karen News Network.

What does a Karen sound like? Play the “Karen See n’ Say.”

Another Karen in the form of a Kevin. We’ll call him “The Walmart Preacher.” An angry man in Texas Longhorns swag was not happy with employees at an Anchorage, Alaska Walmart. He was asked to leave because he was without a face mask.

The man told employees they were on the highway to hell and to “get out of a Godly man’s face.” He clearly did not ask what Jesus would do and broke an unwritten shopping commandment: “Thou shalt not yell at workers who don’t make the rules.” 

See the full video here

The Walmart Preacher, it’s another exclusive Karen News Update. Below, enjoy some additional updates from the Karen News Network.

Karen News Network: The Walmart Preacher

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