Karen News Network: Playground Karen

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KKaren News Networkarens are everywhere. Now, a network designed to give you the latest news and information on Karens. Introducing KNN: the Karen News Network.

See the video for the song, “Oh, Karen!”

Helen Diller Playground in downtown San Francisco has been roped off to protect children during the Coronavirus pandemic. One Karen was not pleased.

Armed with scissors and what she believed to be her “constitutional rights,” Karen cut rope barriers and removed signs before security arrived. She also referred to the man filming the episode as a “dumb sheep” and told him to go back to where came from. 

See the full video here

Playground Karen, it’s another exclusive Karen News Update. Below, enjoy some additional updates from the Karen News Network.

Karen News Network: Playground Karen

Kevin can be a Karen. But you can’t disturb the vibe in the BK Lounge.

Karen News Network: Burger King Kevin

Karen believes she has a constitutional right to pepperoni.

Karen News Network: Pizza Shop Karen

If you wear a mask, you’re a cult member according to this Karen.

Karen News Network: Cult Member Karen

Takeout comes with a side of patriotism and politics for this Karen.

Karen News Network: Takeout Karen

No mask at the dentist office? Karen won’t get her teeth cleaned.

Karen News Network: Cavity Karen

A Scottsdale Karen went all Karen on a rack of masks at an Arizona Target.

Karen News Network: Scottsdale