Karen News Network: Pizza Shop Karen

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KKaren News Networkarens are everywhere. Now, a network designed to give you the latest news and information on Karens. Introducing KNN: the Karen News Network.

See the video for the song, “Oh, Karen!”

The Papa Murphys in Kennewick, Washington were not playing when a Karen came into pick up a pizza sans her mask. 

The argument, filmed by an equally aggressive customer, went on for nearly five minutes. It actually continued into the parking lot where Karen’s husband touted his first amendment rights from his pick-em-up truck built in ‘Merica.

See the full video here

“I have a right to my pizza,” asserted the unidentified Karen. I am not a Constitutional scholar but I believe it is written as such, “…the pursuit of life, liberty and the pursuit of pizza.”

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Karen News Network: Pizza Shop Karen

If you wear a mask, you’re a cult member according to this Karen.

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Karen News Network: Takeout Karen

Karen won’t wear a mask at the dentist office. Karen won’t get her teeth cleaned.

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A Scottsdale Karen went all Karen on a rack of masks at an Arizona Target.

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