Karen News Network: Cult Member Karen

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KKaren News Networkarens are everywhere. Now, a network designed to give you the latest news and information on Karens. Introducing KNN: the Karen News Network.

See the video for the song, “Oh, Karen!”

When Walmart announced that all of its stores would require masks, they had to know the Karens would not be happy. 

Enter this Winter Springs, Florida woman who refused to cover her mouth. In fact, did the opposite and declared that all mask wearers were drinking the Kool-Aid. 

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“You guys are all cult members. I am not wearing a mask!” The unidentified Karen stormed off as other customers laughed. 

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It’s another exclusive Karen News Update.

Karen News Network: Cult Member Karen

Karen likes her takeout with a side of patriotism and politics.

Karen News Network: Takeout Karen

Karen won’t wear a mask at the dentist office. Karen won’t get her teeth cleaned.

Karen News Network: Cavity Karen

A Scottsdale Karen went all Karen on a rack of masks at an Arizona Target.

Karen News Network: Scottsdale