Karen News Network: Takeout Karen

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KKaren News Networkarens are everywhere. Now, a network designed to give you the latest news and information on Karens. Introducing KNN: the Karen News Network.

See the video for the song, “Oh, Karen!”

A hangry North Carolina Karen said yes to takeout but no to wearing a mask. A Thomasville woman went on a tirade about masks, America and Democrats.

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“We don’t cover our face in America,” screamed Karen. “They don’t control us. We’re Americans,” she continued. Finishing with a salute to Donald Trump and a rundown of his platform. 

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It’s another exclusive Karen News Update.

Karen News Network: Takeout Karen

Karen won’t wear a mask at the dentist office. Karen won’t get her teeth cleaned.

Karen News Network: Cavity Karen

A Scottsdale Karen went all Karen on a rack of masks at an Arizona Target.

Karen News Network: Scottsdale