Jolly Texas: “The Great Awakening”

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Introducing, Jolly Texas. He loves ‘Murica and he’ll be damned if he’ll allow a bunch of liberal, commie bastards to take away his rights. If he wanna drive his truck without seatbelts while smoking a full pack of Marlboro reds, with windows rolled up while his youngins ride along with him. He’s gonna do it. It’s his truck, his smokes and his kids. Got it?

Check out some great political comedy here.

Jolly was less than amused that the QAnon fantasy known as “The Great Awakening” did not happen on Inauguration Day. Despite many online prophecies that preached Donald Trump would remain president, Joseph R. Biden was sworn in as the nation’s 46th president.

Hear my final tribute to last year – “F*** You, 2020, It’s Done”

But through the disappointment, Jolly is fighting back and has created a new movement for patriots like himself to get behind.