Jolly Texas: “Symbols”

Posted by admin on January 27, 2021 Blog | Videos | No comments

Introducing, Jolly Texas. He loves ‘Murica and he’ll be damned if he’ll allow a bunch of liberal, commie bastards to take away his rights. Today, Jolly speaks does some educating, speaking about symbols.

If he wanna drive his truck without seatbelts while smoking a full pack of Marlboro reds, with windows rolled up while his youngins ride along with him. He’s gonna do it. It’s his truck, his smokes and his kids. Got it? Good.

Did you see Jolly speak on “The Great Awakening”? See the video. 

Although he knows the election was rigged and four more years as president was stolen from Donald J. Trump, Jolly realizes the movement must continue during the era of Slow Biden. Jolly has formed a new organization to further that goal – Make America Great Again…Again.

In today’s message, Jolly wants to educate you about some of the symbols you may see on flags or patches in the MAGA-A struggle.