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Married Types Don’t Celebrate Valentines Day – Discuss. We don’t. Sure, we’ll give each other a card and have a nice dinner. So, I guess that’s “celebrating.” For us, it has not been a “gift giving” holiday for some time. I think in a marital relationship, the solid, romantic offering happens on your anniversary.

I think early on in a marriage, you have to do the roses and bracelets and romantic gestures but after say five years…grow up. This isn’t high school. You have plans to things that are bigger than a 7-11 gold plated rose.

I guess you have to look in that “5 Love Languages” stuff. If your mate is really into the gift giving, then act appropriately. If, however, it’s “acts of service” then do that one thing she’s been asking you to do for the seven months. Whatever that chore is, get it done.

Speaking of Love Languages – If you don’t know the five are: 1.) Words of Affirmation, 2.) Gifts, 3.) Acts of Service, 4.) Quality Time and 5.) Physical Touch. Maybe for Valentines Day or sometime Valentines week, discus the show’s love languages. It sounds corny, I know. But have fun with it. Frankly, in this case…because it’s not a romantic relationship, I’m going with gifts. I certainly don’t want any physical touch…creepy.

Maybe discuss the love languages of the show on one day and then execute with one another on the next day. I really do believe it lends itself to some comedy.

Courtside Karen – Okay, maybe we don’t want fans back at sporting events. I’m sure you saw the Karen who was removed from the Lakers-Hawks game. Was it her personally or her lips that were over served? They were talking shit and eventually the referees had Juliana Carlos, her husband Chris and two others removed from the game. She posted her side of the story on Insta:

I guess you could go with – When did you get yourself kicked out.

Or…since we haven’t heard a word from her husband…when did your SO embarrass you…get in a screaming match with a stranger, at an event, the store or wherever.

Few years back we were at a furniture store. Now, I’m typically the one in the family that will lose his temper. We wanted to buy a barbecue for Labor Day Weekend. It was Friday. We made it very clear to the salesperson that we wanted to take it home today. He sent us to the counter to purchase it and the woman said they could not deliver it until Tuesday. Obviously, Labor Day was on the Monday previous to that making a delivery of a barbecue completely pointless. The woman behind the counter just didn’t get it. We explained that the salesperson said we could take it. Anyway, we spent a bunch of time trying to get this barbecue and my wife finally lost it on the woman. I just stood back as to not be injured in the fray.

I was not embarrassed however. She said everything I would have said. I was trying to control my temper as to not embarrass my wife…and BAM she rocked that shit.