Idea Sheet (Smith v. Rock Edition)

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Not Right…But I Get It – I posted on Facebook that while I don’t condone Will Smith’sactions, I understand them. If someone was talking mess about someone I care about, I’m not sure how I would respond. If angry enough, if it hurt my significant other enough, I can admit that I would probably throw hands. While I’m aware that this incident is completely unique, Rock being a comedian on a stage that, through history, has regularly made fun of attendees, it doesn’t change the fact that you insulted a man’s wife. Perhaps if the hair loss wasn’t due to a disease, it might have not stung as much. Can you be honest? As a man, in a similar situation, are you saying, that you definitely would not have slapped somebody for insulting your spouse? 

Celebrity Fight Club – Or you could call it “The Celebrity Beef Match Game,” or “Famous Feud.” Maybe play five in :30 seconds or something. Mention one participant in a notable celebrity disagreement…the contestant must name the other combatant. US Weekly with an assist

Pete Davidson – Kanye
Drake – Kanye
Taylor Swift – Kanye
…also Kanye – Everybody
MGK – Eminem
Tupac – Biggie
Vin Diesel – The Rock
Cardi B. – Nikki Minaj
Prince Harry – Prince William
…and whatever Real Housewife – Real Housewife

What If You Were Jada? – After the slap, she was arm-in-arm with her man at the Vanity Faire party. I put up a simple poll on Twitter. “So, If you’re Jada, your response would be…” A. That’s MY man! or B. Take me the F Home. Most current results find that 56% of those surveyed were “get me outta here.” Women only…If your man did something similar would you be happy that he defended you or angry he embarrassed you?

Toxic Masculinity v. Chivalry – I’ve heard “toxic masculinity” thrown about a few times online. I get it. The urge for a man to defend their woman is pretty pronounced in society. A lot of women have said they don’t want their man to act like Will did. Understandable. I’ve also seen women defend Will. This maybe a little too serious…understood…but what’s that fine line that men walk now between chivalrous and an act that would be considered machismo bullshit? A lot of guys struggle with this. They’re no longer sure if they should open a door for a woman…is it rude or outdated to say “ladies first.” Obviously, it’s a case-by-case situation…no two women are the same. Is it confusing to men?

Don’t Mess with a Woman and Her Hair – In response to a Facebook post one woman responded, “His wife had to shave her head and has alopecia. Chris Rock went too far on his joke not cool. Hair loss is very painful especially for women. Not condoning his actions but I do get it.”

Anchorman rule number one: “No touching of the hair or face.” Did Rock go to far in making fun of her hair loss? Only women can attest to this, is the hair off limits? By Will’s reaction, it would seem to me the subject matter was very sensitive to Jada. I had a co-host change her hair color from blondish to brunette and I jokingly said that she was 33% less hot. I learned right then and there never to mess with a woman regarding her hair. Is this statement true: Don’t make jokes about my hair.

Is Will Smith a Cuck? I’ve seen this accusation online a few times. For those who might not know the definition: a weak or servile man. Another definition fits a man whose wife cheats on him. Now, the latter, we know to be true. Through all of those “Red Table Talk” discussions, it would seem that the definition kinda fits. But, Will asserted himself on stage in front of millions (and a live studio audience.) Do you think Will Smith is a cuck? Is there a cuck out there that can properly analyze who Will Smith really is?

The Composure Test – Remarkably, after being slapped in the face on national television, Chris Rock was able to maintain his composure, not verbally or physically fight back, and manage to announce the next award. Could you do the same thing?

This is not of the faint of heart. Open the mic out of a song and slap your co-host and see if they can articulate the next break without failure. It could make really good video…but audio-wise, you could fake it if you wanted to.