Idea Sheet

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Do You Have To Tip a Pregnant Server More? – I was having lunch with a friend today and our server was waaaaaay pregnant. Had to be eight months in. I asked a the aforementioned question. Do I have to tip her more because of her condition. My asshole friend said, “How do you know she’s pregnant?” Trust me. She was pregnant. She followed up with the suggestion that I ask whether or not she was, indeed, with child. Nope. I’m not an idiot. I know that is a question you never ask a woman. Jeopardy…serious jeopardy.

So, back to the question. Obviously, there’s no law, you don’t have to tip her more…I guess…should you? I’ve heard anecdotal evidence that being pregnant helps a server make more tips. Shit, I’d get one of them pregnancy bellies and play that up for as long as I could. Any pregnant servers out there? What say you?

Questions You Should Never Ask a Woman – Taken off of what was written in paragraph #1. You never ask if a woman is pregnant? What other questions can a man not ask? Might be fun to only take male callers and they bring up the questions that they think they are prohibited from asking…or are afraid what would happen if they asked…and then present the questions your female co-host or a female listener.

Name That Destruction – I’m positive that this is been done in some form or fashion. You pick an item that will sound amazing on air being destroyed. Via mallet, hammer, or tossing an item off a balcony, the listener has to determine what was being destroyed. You could also play with members of the show, blindfolded. You could set it up by purchasing said item(s) via a Thrift Store or Garage/Yard Sale. “The Yard Sale Smash Off.” Another option, minus the smashing, might be “Name that Garage Sale Find” or something. You have to describe the item, without saying what it is…and if the listener gets it right, they win the prize and we disclose the retail value of, ya know, $3.50.

Sexy Furniture Instructions – I was reminded of this bit the other day. We did it when we had a guest in studio. I believe it was model/actor Tyson Beckford. We had him read instruction on how to build a bed frame. He had to read the instructions in a phone sex voice. We also did it with a member of the Backstreet Boys. I think it was Nick and he actually read BSB lyrics but, again, in a phone sex operator voice. Ended up being a really funny bit.