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Showing Love Via Butt Tattoos – I guess Heather Rae Young from Selling Sunset honored her fiancé, Flip or Flop star Tarek El Moussa with a Valentine’s Day butt tattoo. Wow, those crazy kids are really gonna make it! The tattoo reads, “Yes, sir, Mr. El Moussa.” If that doesn’t shine a light on their bedroom proclivities, I’m not sure what does. In every sexual encounter, he has to spank her on that tattoo, right? Freak.

My personal rule of thumb is you should never get anyone’s name, save your mom or deceased loved one, on your person. Heather Rae has doomed the relationship. The minute you commit to tattooing your fiancé’s name on your body, the relationship will not last. Oh, so you do you agree? Find people that have continued in their relationship despite the tattoo curse…and I know you will find plenty of people who, even in an era of tattoo removal, wished they never would have put some dude’s name on their body.

Online Learning – I saw the following Twitter post and I thought it might make a good bit.

What is the weirdest thing you have Googled? Maybe even what was the most recent thing you’ve googled. You could do this with “how to” videos on YouTube. I actually, searched YouTube for a video on how to properly slice a tomato.

Your Camera’s Not On – We have two distance learners in the house. A second grader and a first grader. Apparently, some teachers do not require the students to keep their cameras on during class. I’ve seen my wife do this same thing on a work Zoom call. Now, with hers, it displays a photo of her. But doesn’t everyone else on the meeting know that if your camera is off that you’re not paying attention to the meeting. Or, in the case of the kids, you are not paying attention to what is being taught.

I’ve seen my wife on a conference call…typing away on something else while one of her co-workers or bosses drone on and on. The school thing though. How is that not required? Tell us what stupid shit you are actually doing while distance learning/working, when you should be paying attention. Have you been caught?

You Coulda Used a Conservatorship – In the new Britney Spears doc, she says her dad, Jamie is a “total dick” and bitches about the conservatorship. She is nearly 40 after all. But, be honest, at some point in your life, you could have used a conservatorship. Your parents probably should have taken a bigger role because you were stupid. Let’s avoid the serious stuff…drugs and shit like that…but what did you do at a certain point in your life that you should have had a conservatorship?